VIDEO RELEASE! Sitting On the Rocks

“Sitting On The Rocks” is one of the songs the Hoffmans loved to play the most. Our new video features the amazing burlesque puppetry of Peruvian artist Ety Fefer, which Meg Hoffman saw in Oaxaca City, Mexico.  Other footage includes some of our stage performances and wonderful audiences.  Enjoy!


Music Video Drops Today!


The music video for “John Connor’s Mother” was created at Mundo Park in beautiful Powell Riveria, BC, Canada. This film was created by punk rock group The Abbie Hoffman Society and features many stars from the female population of Powell Riviera, including members of Powell River Women’s Punk Rock Choir.  The choir can be heard in the background near the beginning  – listen for “Orca Spins”.





PROFILE: Laura Hoffman

Laura Hoffman has been a visual artist since she can remember. Originally from North Vancouver, Laura spent a lot of time on the Lower Sunshine Coast growing up, and later lived in Powell River – where she met up with the right ladies to pursue a teenage dream: voicing some positive riffs.  She now resides on Cortes Island, where she owns Tone Gallery & Art Supplies with her 3 dogs, husband and a large garden.  She spends most her days creating something – from painting to music.



It’s coming up fast!  July 3 Gibsons BC!  July 4 Nanaimo BC!  July 5 TBA! And July 6 Powell River!  We’ll be sharing the stage with Discount Limosine and Little Pharmer and the Ditch Prescription.  


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Jennye’s first experience drumming in an all girl band was in 1986 in Victoria BC when she was 15.  The band had two practices and their only song was These Boots are Made for Walking.   Jennye was in a Noise duo called Froghat and Sofaqueen for a few years and she is part of the The Show Business Giants alumni.    One time, she was in a band and their only song was about the guitar player’s childhood pet chicken.

Nowadays, she resides with her family in Powell River.  As well as The Hoffmans, Jennye plays in Smoke Machine (a drums and guitar duo with her husband, Craig) and Godzballz (Powell River’s  on-again-off-again glam rock collective), Jennye also directs the Powell River Women’s Punk Rock Choir and hosts the occasional gig in her basement.

PROFILE: Meg Hoffman

Meg Hoffman is a two-timer, in love with art and music.  Her first experience playing with a band was when she tried out for the Abbie Hoffman Society.  She now loves to sing, play melodica, tambourine and drums and can’t wait to get on stage.  When not playing with the Hoffmans or Powell River Punk Rock Choir, Meg spends her days working on dance moves and making art under the moniker “Meghan Hildebrand”.  Grown in Whitehorse and schooled in Nelson and Halifax, Meg came to Powell River in 2004 on honeymoon and never left.
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PROFILE: Suzy Hoffman

For the month of June, the Hoffmans will be introducing themselves with an artist’s profile every week – first but not least – SUZY HOFFMAN!

Suzy is a Victoria punk ex-pat who now resides in Powell Riviera with the fabulous Mr. Robinson.  After joining the Hoffmans, she decided to learn guitar and has been addicted ever since.  When not playing music, Suzy loves crafting, hitting the mosh pit with young Noah, permaculture, knitting with the Stitch & Bitch crew and chillaxing.  She’s currently dog-less and missing Gus big-time! 


Make time for the fun times

We’re polishing up new songs and gearing up for another summer mini-tour!  Band stagewear managers Laura and Meg Hoffman are cooking up the band’s new looks while Jennye and Suzy continue to keep the basement loud and their skills fresh.  Everyone brings their skills together when we rock the house!  All of us can’t wait to share our new songs on the road with Discount Limosine and The Ditch Prescription this summer.  As we like to say: “make time for the fun times, cause the fun times will get you through everything else.”  “That’s dynamite.”

The Hoffmans are modern women who control our own domain:  We also have an email address (theabbiehoffmansociety@gmail.comand a twitter account:  @theAhoffmanS.  

Hello new millenium!


new band sticker design by Meg


Summer With the Hoffmans!

After a refreshing winter break, the Hoffmans are back in action with big plans, as usual!  We’ve got a bunch of new songs to reveal this summer on our 2014 MINI TOUR!  This time around we’ll be sharing the stage with Discount Limosine (check it because it’s the BEST) from Gibsons and The Ditch Prescription from right here in Powell River.  Watch for venue details – we’ve got the jam space in Gibsons booked for Thursday, July 3.  Then look for us in VICTORIA! NANAIMO! And POWELL RIVER!!

the Hoffmans wish you a happy new year!

It has been a great ride and we can’t wait for another year of making music together.  The mini tour with NoMeansNo was a blast on all accounts, we had the privilege of playing for full houses in Victoria, Nanaimo and Cumberland.  Thanks so much to those of you that came out, picked up our albums and t-shirts and hit the dancefloor.  We do have a few more albums left (we self produced a small run of 300 copies).  They are available in Powell River at Roxy Music, Rockit Music and Breakwater Books, and at Ditch Records in Victoria.  Get in touch with us on Facebook:  We can send you a CD.   Thanks for an amazing year, see you in 2014!

The best view in the house! Thanks Cumberland,

The best view in the house! Thanks Cumberland