Introducing the Abbie Hoffman Society!

We are an all women punk band in Powell Riviera, BC – and this is our website!  The Hoffmans formed in 2010 with the intention of having some fun on Monday nights.  As the name implies, we revere the social activist Abbie Hoffman, and we honour him by doing whatever we can for free!

The members of the band are Laura on lead vocals, and she has so far penned most of our lyrics.  We have Suzy on lead (and only) guitar and she rocks.  On drums is Jennye and she is excellent at drums and has a great tan this summer.  Meg plays the melodica and picks up the drumsticks periodically.  And the Hoffmans are very happy to announce that we have a bassist and she is ready to learn bass!  That is the lovely Lesa.  And last but not least is BK, our media liason and good friend who helped with vocals on our first recording, “Greatest Hits.”

Watch the website for upcoming gigs!


One thought on “Introducing the Abbie Hoffman Society!

  1. laura jr says:

    Rock on!! U rule!

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