Featuring the Slim Milkie Band, the Unpredictable Del Riviera, and your beloved Abbie Hoffman Society!

Only five days til take-off!!

Saturday, July 14   –  Roberts Creek, BC.  The Little Legion.  8 pm.

Sunday, July 15    –   Vancouver, The Tipper Restaurant & Showroom. 8pm.

Monday, July 16   –   Nanaimo, The Queen’s Hotel. 8pm.

Tuesday, July 17   –   Victoria, BC.  Cenote Lounge. 8pm.

Wednesday, July 18   –  Duncan, the Duncan Garage Showroom. 8pm.

Thursday, July 19   –   Cortes Island – Gorge Hall. 8pm.  ALL AGES!

Saturday, July 21   –  Victorious Wrap-up Party!  Lund Gazebo.  Featuring DJ Elios (from ‘France!’). 8pm.  ALL AGES!



One thought on “POWELL RIVER INVASION 2012 TOUR!!

  1. Taylor says:

    Where is the Lund gazebo?

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